Sustained / unsustained
Instalation about 40 once revolutionary office buildings and what they are up to now at the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale.
with Prof. Ruth Baumeister and Prof. Ashley Schafer
Workspace futures
10 day workshop with 172 master students founding a temporary research consultancy practiced focused on the history and future of the workplace…
as VELUX guest professor at Aarhus School of Architecture with Prof. Ruth Baumeister
The most powerfull office in the world
A brief history of Brussels' absolute heart of political power: The Justus Lipsius Building (text in Dutch).
for A+ 260
Gutersloh Ice Core Drilling
text on what happened to the most revolutionary modern office space of the 20th century…
published in Perspecta 48, Yale Publishers
Land of plenty
short text on the rise of the lounge as our ultimate workspace…
published in Domus 1022
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