Video made in collaboration with the Guardian to promote the European Elections.
It shows some of the most evident advantages and achievements of the European Union including its role in securing Europe's future relevance, improving shared infrastructure, science, foods.
Research  in collaboration with Votetogether. Votetogether is a project encouraging voters to participate in and spread awareness of the European elections 23–26 May 2019. 420 million Europeans from 28 different countries voting in the second largest democratic election worldwide is a beautiful thing. Votetogether is initiated by Between Bridges, for the advancement of democracy, international understanding, the arts, and LGBT rights established by Wolfgang Tillmans in 2017.
 Research: Stephan Petermann with Alison Midgley ,Anne-Marijn Epker, Carolien Schippers,Christin Svensson,Flavien Menu, Illias Halbgewachs,James Westcott,Jason Halbgewachs, Joeri Jansen, Maria Lisbon,Marieke van den Heuvel, Marta Adamik, Shahin Zarinbal
Executive producer: Jess Gormley
Animator: Joseph Pierce
Editor and Sound mix: Ekaterina Ochagavia
Translations: Sander Pleij (Dutch), Lena Wegmann (German), Flavien Menu (French)
Source data: European Commission, European Environment Agency, World Bank
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